Australian Pavilion
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The Australian pavilion will take our guests on a journey exploring, celebrating and educating our audience in Australia’s unique relationship with its coast and surrounding waters. This will be done in a three-act structure, with each Act incorporating different exhibitions.

Coast – An Indigenous Welcome

This area will welcome visitors to the Australian Pavilion using striking and contemporary Indigenous artwork in the exhibit space. Art has always been an important part of Indigenous life, and the changing coastline and seas have played a role in shaping Indigenous art over the past 50,000 years.

Coupled with music and art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the space will explore Indigenous Australians’ relationship with the ocean and their teachings about environmental preservation passed down by traditional Indigenous elders.

Ocean – A Modern, Contemporary Australia

The exhibit centers on a contemporary art sculpture, representing Australia’s ocean currents. The sculpture is a sophisticated and engaging showcase of Australia’s ability, not only to identify with global environmental issues, but also the ability to move towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Extending from floor to ceiling, and spanning across the full width of the space, the sculpture will be made of faceted shapes representing the swell of the ocean, as it rises and falls between sets of ‘waves.’ It is the tension between the worlds of what is above and what is below the surface.

An Australian video showcase will be projected onto the structure’s surfaces, creating a sculptural visual experience.

Life – Aussie Coastal Living

The final exhibit space is designed for visitors to engage in hands-on experiences. Visitors can choose to jump aboard an Aussie surf boat and have their photo taken with three strapping surf lifesaving kangaroos as they ride a wave into shore.

Visitors can also dive into a live video feed into Australia’s amazing Great Barrier Reef. The dive adventure is designed to educate and entertain, and visitors also have the unique opportunity to ask questions and interact with the diver.

This interactive space is designed to allow visitors to ‘dig deeper’ into the Australian experience and be inspired by Australia’s leadership in eco-tourism, marine education, scientific endeavour and environmentally-responsible energy development.